Informed Consent

Project Acronym:


Project Name

EURAXESS TOP IV “Open to the World”

Grant Agreement no.


Start date of the project

1 September 2018

End date of the project

1 March 2022





You have been invited to take part in the Mentoring Programme “Shape the future of a Researcher coming to Europe” – part of the EURAXESS TOP IV Project, WP7, Task 7.2.

Before deciding on whether you want to participate or not, please read this document carefully. Please ask all the questions you may have so you can be completely sure to understand all the proceedings of the Mentoring programme, including risks and benefits.

In case there are parts of this consent form which you do not understand, please ask a member of the Mentoring Programme Coordinator (EURAXESS BHO at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, via email: or the Sofia University Data Protection Officer, via email: to fully explain the meaning of the word or piece of information you do not accurately understand. At all times, we assure the compliance with the current legislation.

Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, BULSTAT 000670680, Seat and registered office: 15, Tzar Osvoboditel Blvd., 1504 Sofia, Bulgaria is joint-controller for your personal data, processed for the Mentoring Programme, along with the other partners of the Mentoring Programme. As such, the organization has legal grounds to collect and process personal information. It strictly observes its obligations of Personal Data Controller and has legitimate grounds for collecting, processing and using personal data.


The overall objective of the project is: to further intensify the services provided by the EURAXESS Service Centres, expand the mandate of supporting the career development of mainly young researchers in Europe with particular focus on female Higher Education Institution students and researchers”.

In particular, the project aims:

  • To support the set-up of the EURAXESS Career Development services in line with the EURAXESS Career Development Service Model (CDSM) as recommended by the EURAXESS TOP III project;
  • To expand the Dual Careers (DC) services over a wider geographical range of the network;
  • To develop a social twinning initiative and to establish a EURAXESS Family Network;
  • To enhance the set-up of activities addressing diversity management (focus on gender & multicultural issues);
  • To support the EURAXESS Network to develop new services oriented to a better connection between academia and industry and to raise awareness of research community on entrepreneurship;
  • To target non-academic sectors to be regular EURAXESS services clients using the EURAXESS Jobs to post their scientific positions;
  • To further intensify the services provided by the EURAXESS network and to expand new services through activities such as trainings, seminars, networking, study visits;
  • To enhance the attractiveness of the EURAXESS network and to collaborate with other networks (stakeholders);
  • To bridge the EURAXESS Worldwide representatives with EURAXESS Service Centres;
  • To bridge more researchers from third countries and diaspora researchers with ERA;
  • To strengthen engagement and collaboration in the network for more diverse online information and services;
  • To provide a technical platform for integrating EURAXESS portal with existing useful and relevant for its users’ information, data and tools;
  • To facilitate the further evolution of the EURAXESS network dealing with challenges arising from the current and future development in ERA.

The Mentoring programme “Shape the future of a Researcher coming to Europe” aims to encourage and to facilitate the transnational mobility, by fostering cooperation between the researchers from European Research Area (ERA) and EURAXESS Worldwide countries (third countries)

In the framework of this programme, experienced researchers will have the unique opportunity to mentor early stage researchers and support their integration and career development in international mobility perspective. 

More specifically, among the Mentoring programme objectives are to facilitate the mobility of the researchers, to encourage knowledge transfer and sharing of good practices, to raise awareness on the importance of soft-skills for international mobility, and to strengthen the links between research institutions and academy from ERA and EURAXESS Worldwide.


Project activities will last 42 months from 01/09/2018 to 01/03/2022. The beneficiaries under projects, funded by the EU Research and Innovation programme Horizon 2020 are obliged to keep all records and data collected and recorded during the project’s implementation phase for a period of five years after the end of the project. 

The Program will continue working beyond the project end at the same conditions. The Mentoring team will continue coordinating and supporting activities.


No risk is foreseen. You are only requested to be available and willing to participate in the Mentoring Programme.


On personal level, researchers, taking part in the Mentoring programme will be able to strengthen and enlarge their personal professional network. On institutional level, researchers would be able to benefit from further opportunities for networking and partnering with research institutions outside the ERA community.

The benefits of a mentoring relationship are valuable for both - mentees and mentors. You could develop new skills and knowledge, make new contacts and create a professional relationship with someone from another part of the world.

With your participation you will make a substantial contribution to an understanding whether such or similar Mentoring Programs can bring advantages to researchers in their further professional and personal development. 


The personal data that you share during the Registration process and while taking part in the Mentoring Programme will be collected by the Mentoring Programme Coordinator together with the responses you give in the Mentoring Evaluation Form at the end of the mentoring.

Information will be processed during the phase of data analysis and will be shown in project reports as numbers and general feedback and no personal data will be included in them. It will not be possible to identify the source of the information. The results of Mentoring programme may be published in scientific journals or conferences and may be used in further studies. Nothing of the provided personal data will be handled out to third parties.

The authorization for the use and access to this information is valid until five years after the end of the project unless you decide to cancel it before. If you should decide to deny your consent, please contact the Mentoring Programme Coordinator and let her/him know of your intention of leaving the programme.

Your decision to whether or not give your authorization for the use and diffusion of the information provided by you is completely voluntary. However, if you do not provide the Mentoring Programme Coordinator with this authorization now or if you cancel it in the future, you will not be able to participate in the Mentoring Programme.


In case of any issue involving you in your role of participant to the Mentoring programme, you are invited to inform the Mentoring Programme Coordinator, Mrs. Svetlana Dimitrova, Project Manager via email:


Your participation in this Mentoring Programme is only possible if you freely and independently sign this consent to authorize us to use the data you provide. If you do not wish to do so, please do not participate in this programme.


I hereby declare:

☐ I am 18 years or older and am competent to provide consent;

☐ I have been fully informed about the aims and purposes of the EURAXESS TOP IV Project and the Mentoring Programme “Shape the future of a Researcher coming to Europe”. I understand that there is no compulsion to participate in the project and in the programme, if I choose to participate, I may at any stage withdraw my participation;

☐ I have read, or had read to me, a document providing information about this programme and this consent form. I have had the opportunity to ask questions and all my questions have been answered to my satisfaction and understand the description of the informed consent form that is being provided to me;

☐ I agree that my data (collected by registering to the programme, participation to the programme, provision of Mentoring Evaluation form) is used for scientific purposes and I have no objection that my feedback and data regarding scientific degree, country of residence, age, gender is published in scientific publications in a way that does not reveal my identity;

☐ I freely and voluntarily agree to be part of this Mentoring programme, though without prejudice to my legal and ethical rights;

☐ I understand that information may be shared between any of the other partners participating in this Project in an anonymous form. All information I give will be treated as confidential. The project partners will ensure to preserve my anonymity;

☐  I declare that I am informed that after submitting the registration form, the mentee-mentor pairs will be matched automatically based on the matching criteria described in the Section “Getting Involved” of the description of the Mentoring Programme, and I agree my personal data to be sent automatically to the mentee-mentor with which I have a match.

☐ I have received a copy of this agreement.


This consent form is made pursuant to the relevant national, European and international data protection laws and regulations and personal data treatment obligations. Specifically, this consent document complies with the following laws and regulations:

- The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679  of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation)

- The Bulgarian Personal Data Protection Act



Name and surname of participant


Statement of Mentoring Programme Coordinator responsibility: I have explained the nature and purpose of this research study, the procedures to be undertaken and any risks that may be involved. I have offered to answer any questions and fully answered such questions. I believe that the participant understands my explanation and has freely given informed consent.


Name and surname of the member of the Mentoring Programme Coordinator



Place, date and signature of the member of the Mentoring Programme Coordinator