EURAXESS Mentoring Program - Monthly meeting - 16 Feb 2022


This EURAXESS Mentoring Program Monthly meeting was devoted to the MENTORS in the program. The focus of the meeting was on the first steps that are very important for setting up the successful mentorship. The agenda included:

  • State of the art of the program
  • What are this first steps AFTER registering
  • How to get best out of EURAXESS Mentoring program
  • Tips and practical advice
  • Discussion & sharing experience

The mentors were provided with an opportunity to:

  • Ask their questions
  • Share experience with other mentors
  • Discuss the difficulties and prolems they face during the mentorship
  • Give their advice to the mentoring coordinating team on how to improve the program and the additional activities 

Presentation and a video of recommendation to the mentees and to the mentors are available at the event page: