Webinar for EURAXESS Career Development tools

Join the webinar devoted to useful tips and advice on how to benefit from the Career Development tools and materials on the EURAXESS portal.


Date & Duration

Wednesday, 25 October 2023, 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm (Central European Time -C.E.T.)


13.30 – What is EURAXESS and why it is helpful for researchers?

13.50 – What I can find on EURAXESS portal?

  • Presentation of the network portal
  • Task 1 – Which is the most resent job offer suitable for a researcher in Biological Sciences?
  • Task 2 – Is there on the portal any recorded webinars available for watching?

14.20 – Can I benefit from EURAXESS Mentoring programs?

  • EURAXESS Internship Program for refugee researchers
  • ReBeCa for EURAXSS mentoring program with industry
  • Task – when will open the application for ReBeCa mentees?, which in line is this circle of ReBeCa?

14.40 – What else at EURAXESS is helpful for researchers?

  • Online presentation of self-assessment tools
  • Task 1 – Go to  …….   Explore the tool, Make a quiz 
  • Task 2 – Go to  ….. Find out who is the researcher that created one of the most popular models for comparing cultures, make a note for yourself to which culture you’d like to compare yours

 15.20 – What is the newest development at EURAXESS?

  • Online presentation of EURAXESS hubs

16.10 – Discussion

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