EURAXESS Smart Talks Podcast - Listen Now to Episode 4!

Listen now to Episode 4 of EURAXESS Smart Talks and learn about research careers in Switzerland!

Join hosts Darja Aksjonova and Leah Nerenberg as they interview incredible guests, including:

  • Maddalena Tognola, an expert from the Grant Office at the University of Bern
  • Seraina Munton, Research & Project Manager at EU GrantsAccess
  • Sarah Daepp, the National Coordinator of EURAXESS Switzerland
  • Professor Mira Burri, Professor of International Economic and Internet Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Lucern

Gain unique insights, important lessons, and personal experiences on research careers in Switzerland.

Listen to the episode here or tune in on your favorite platform (SpotifyGoogle Podcasts, etc.). 

Don't miss this opportunity to explore exciting topics for the global research community!

The EURAXESS SmartTalks Podcast Team - Israel (IP&D), Greece (CERTH), Serbia (MEF), Latvia (LZP) & Ireland (SciPol)

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