EURAXESS Smart Talks - "Decoding ERC Grants Part 1: Effective Communication"

The European Research Council (ERC) is the premier European funding organisation for excellent frontier research. It gives creative researchers across Europe the support to run cutting-edge projects. The overall ERC budget is more than €16 billion (2021-2027).

ERC Grants can change the trajectory of a researcher’s career– which explains why over 100,000 research proposals have been made to the organisation. This also means that competition is fierce. The multi-stage application process is daunting for any researcher at any stage. 

EURAXESS Smart Talks are excited to present “Decoding ERC Grants: Strategies for Success,” a two-part mini-series on the ERC Grant proposal process. 

We will tackle difficult questions that researchers face when applying for an ERC grant, and provide clear advice on how to take your research proposal to the next level.

Join us on this episode ( as we have the pleasure of hosting Dafna Gold Melchior, scientific & entrepreneurial communication clarifier. Dafna assists experts in making their complex work clear and accessible, helping them communicate their research and innovations effectively in high-stakes situations. With a degree in communication from Haifa University and a masters in conflict research from Hebrew University, Dafna has developed her interdisciplinary clarification skill set over her 20 years of helping researchers and entrepreneurs win grants, investments, tenders and competitions.

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